BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication

BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication

The Media, Communication and Culture module studies are typically designed to be delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, screenings, various practical activities and assessments, and one-to-one supervision, all of which aim at providing students with a broad understanding of today’s media world. This course engages with contemporary developments and debate in media, communication and culture. This course will entail facing the challenge of keeping pace with the latest trends, technologies and debates. The course aims to prepare students for work in media-related industries, and train them to critically analyze the ways in which the media reflects, represents and influences the world. The slightly broader field of communication studies extends beyond areas typically considered within the “media” domain, to explore human communications in all kinds of environments and contexts. Media studies courses may vary significantly in their content and approach to the subject, but most offer a combination of practical preparation for various media careers, alongside opportunities to analyze media representations from different perspectives – including moral, political and historical.

Exit Awards

  • Certificate in Media, Culture and Communications with modules of 06 with 120 credits
  • Diploma in Media, Culture and Communications with modules of 12 with 240 credits

Media, Culture and Communication program aims to cultivate and enhance the realistic understanding of the role of media in our society. A media studies degree examines how the media (print, film,television, and digital media) are managed and their impact on the world around us. Westford University College (WUC), in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is bringing this coveted programme as an onsite programme at their state of art campus in Sharjah, UAE, as well as online with live virtual classes for learners across the globe.

BA (Hons) Media, Culture, and Communications

Sr.No Year Level Module Number Credit
1 Year 1 Level 4 Studying Culture 20
2 Year 1 Level 4 Media Texts 20
3 Year 1 Level 4 Researching Cinema 20
4 Year 1 Level 4 Media Institutions and Audiences 20
5 Year 1 Level 4 Professional Writing 20
6 Year 1 Level 4 Introduction to Media and Cultural Industries 20
7 Year 2 Level 4 Public Communication 20
8 Year 2 Level 5 Analyzing Entertainment Media 20
9 Year 2 Level 5 Research Methods 20
10 Year 2 Level 5 Media and Cultural Theory 20
11 Year 2 Level 5 Public Relations 20
12 Year 2 Level 5 Popular Journalism: Research in Practice 20
13 Year 3 Level 6 Culture and Identity 20
14 Year 3 Level 6 Media Policy and Regulation 20
15 Year 3 Level 6 Mediating Popular Culture 20
16 Year 3 Level 6 Popular Fiction and Publishing 20
17 Year 3 Level 6 Dissertation 20
18 Total Credits 360

What will I learn?

High school results or foundation
Rolling intake
<ul><li>Quick enrolment process with personal details for registration online</li>
<li>rolling intake</li>
<li>No entrance exam required but students are expected to be proficient in English</li>
<li>Degrees are WES approved</li></ul>
On-site/online currently due to covid (cannot be taken online after covid restrictions are lifted)
Expected to be proficient in English skills, Soft skills and technical skills.
Paid- AED 57,000 (USD 15,530.00)
Repository of study materials and course ware for revision and reference at the end of each module
This BA (Hons) course will give learners an opportunity to look at how these industries contribute to our everyday <p>experiences, through the study of media institutions like television, film, advertising, publishing and journalism, as well as forms of communication (public relations, social marketing, fiction, documentary, video games, magazines and new media) and cultural trends and practices (youth culture, comedy, social media, consumerism, travel, tourism and fashion). This includes not only careers in media such as journalism, marketing and entertainment, but also business and management, education, politics, international relations, law and more.</p><br>
<p>Overall, learners will gain skills applicable to a range of modern media driven jobs, recent career pathways and roles have included:</p><br>
<ul><li>TV Production – Producer and researcher</li>

<li>Advertising – Copywriter and campaign manager</li>
<li>Public Relations – Account manager and writer</li>
<li>Teaching – Various disciplines</li>
<li>Journalism – Local reporter and blogger</li>
<li>Movie Production – Writer and producer</li>
<li>Publishing – Writer and copy editor</li>
<li>Communications – Press/communications officer</li>
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Westford draws upon global best practices of pedagogy in online and onsite learning, that results in providing an ‘interactive peer-to-peer learning environment’, ‘develops advanced research capabilities, ‘academic rigor’, through a broader choice of “carefully designed options” undergraduate education programs and professional certifications ably suited for meeting the evolving needs of regular students and working professionals. Westford University College optimally utilizes sophisticated technology and the power of the Internet to bring to you an invaluable learning experience encapsulating the global know-how of the industry best practices.

About Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)

The Liverpool Mechanics Institute was founded by people of power and influence who recognized the transformative effects of education and the impact that learning, and aspiration could have on individuals, communities and society. It was the first such institution to be founded in England.

This small, pioneering movement was followed by the establishment of the Liverpool Institute and School of Art and the Liverpool Nautical College, and in 1900 Irene Mabel Marsh opened the IM Marsh campus. These organizations together laid the foundations for Liverpool John Moores University, an institution that has grown and flourished and continues to provide opportunities for all.Today, with a vibrant community of over 23,000 students from over 100 countries world-wide, 2,400 staff and 250-degree courses, Liverpool John Moores University is one of the largest, most dynamic and forward-thinking universities in the UK.

Why us?

BA Hons in Sports Business explores a variety of subjects and disciplines including; marketing, sponsorship and PR, sports management, sports digital media, sports events, grassroots, and elite sport. Employability and enterprise are key elements of this program. As such, you will have access to a range of opportunities to engage in work-related learning so that you can put theory into practice, develop professional networks and increase your graduate skill set.

Accreditation/ Recognition

Liverpool John Moores University, UK Pearson

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