Bachelor Software Engineering (Level 7)

About the course

A computer science degree with a difference

Traditional computer science degrees focus on software engineering, programming and mathematics. But Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Game Development and Web and App Development are some of the biggest industries worldwide today, which is why these are the focus of our degree.

We offer a transdisciplinary programme bringing computer science, programming, art and design, social science and business knowledge together with project work so our students have the knowledge and skills to make a difference in a real-world team.

You have the choice from year two onward to major in

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Game Dev
  • Artificial intelligence

Project-based learning

This programme is heavily focused on project-based learning so you graduate with real-world skills. Over 50% of course time is dedicated to tutor-led programming, with an additional 15% orientated around group projects.

Commercially-relevant projects are developed in a studio-like environment and, with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, you’ll finish your degree ready to carve your own path in a computational job within the creative, business or science sector.

Guaranteed work experience with international tech companies

We offer work experience for 8-10 weeks with well-known and well respected international organisations. We are the only institution in New Zealand offering these internships and externships, and they could see you working with powerhouses like Facebook and Hewlett Packard. Find out more

Course highlights:

  • Concept development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web app development with HTML, CSS, JS
  • Game development with Unity/Unreal
  • User Experience (UX) design
  • AR and VR development
  • 3D modelling
  • Project management

What you’ll learn


Your first year of study is all about gaining a solid foundation in software engineering and learning core skills in a range of essential areas. You will achieve this through practical collaborative project work involving design principles, algorithms and object oriented programming. This foundational year equips you with a wide range of skills and affords you time to figure out what type of career you’d like to have by choosing a specialization.

UX design I & II
Learn the foundation principles, tools and best practice for the design of content and user experience (UX).

Development principles I & II
Learn the fundamentals of programming along with software development techniques and tools used in the creation of modern applications.

Project Work I & II
This project-based introduction to the software development lifecycle (SDLC) helps you develop your understanding as you apply the skills and concepts introduced in the first two modules.


This is the year you really get to follow your passions and specialise in the areas that are of most interest to you. The specialist topics we offer are:

Artificial intelligence
Foundation of data-science
Study the infrastructure of Data Science, including the data analytics pipeline, management of large-scale data, how analytics and machine learning capabilities are built on top of that storage, and how data scientists develop machine learning and modelling platforms using libraries.

Artificial Intelligence
You’ll focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and classifications are used to design intelligent systems. This includes investigation of representation, reasoning, search methods and intelligent agents. You’ll also explore AI classifications such as Machine Learning, Robotic, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Expert Systems, Computer Vision, and how they are used to make intelligent systems.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Understand cloud concepts and models, cloud security, and infrastructure mechanisms along with various popular vendor specific Microservices. You’ll identify the building blocks of cloud computing through a combination of tutorials, workshops, and self-directed learning and research within specific types of environments. Topics include introduction to cloud providers, scaling, cloud services, cloud delivery models, cloud deployment models, cloud security, cloud usage monitors, cloud storage devices and load balance.

Cloud Application Development
You’ll deepen your understanding of cloud computing technologies and develop and design cloud solutions concepts from a business and technical perspective including services, architecture, system integration, connectivity, administration and security. You’ll explore the locking and unlocking  of the cloud, including security, integration into existing operations and optimised performance. Get hands on experience with the cloud providers that dictate a major share of the Australian and New Zealand market. You’ll also get hands on with vendor certification to ensure you have a competitive advantage when looking to enter the industry.

Cyber Security
Networking and Systems Admin
Understand the fundamentals of networking and systems administration including issues, skills and strategies associated with providing core services over a network in a multiuser environment.  You’ll learn about hardware and software stacks for communication infrastructures, computer systems and different network architectures and topology. You’ll also be introduced to tools for management and monitoring to ensure the optimum performance of a system in terms of security, cost, and speed.

Cyber Security
You will cover a range of topics including attacks on privacy, static and dynamic analysis of malware, hardware security, network security and trending applications. You’ll explore different aspects in Cybersecurity relating to cryptography, public key infrastructure,  security principles and models, threats and vulnerability management and privacy and anonymity issues.

Game Development (Creative)
Technical Design for Software
Immerse yourself in software design and construction. Get an introduction to several software design patterns and processes that enable the creation of high-quality software, and learn to analyse specific software projects and use design language (UML) for modelling the development process.

Society, Enterprise, Innovation
Develop an understanding of how games act as a force for good and their utility is growing beyond entertainment.


Investigative Studio 2
Implement a prototype and minimal viable product for your personal creative project and receive feedback in scheduled critique sessions. This is an opportunity to reflect on research and development practices and strategies in a process of double-loop learning.

Capstone project/internship
Develop a commercially or socially viable capstone project (building on your proof of concept prototype developed in the Investigative Studio 2 module). Apply the skills and expertise you developed throughout the programme as part of an integrated production team.

Inside this course

Synchronous Blended Online (mix of self-directed online and Zoom (or similar)
Students can start online and then come to New Zealand to complete the program once they have a valid Student Visa and can enter New Zealand)
Students must be 18 or older and complete overseas Secondary School. Students must provide evidence of English Language proficiency equivalent to IELTS of 6, with no band score lower than 5.5
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Yoobee Colleges officially formed in May 2019.

The creative minds and legacies of South Seas Film & Television School, Animation College, Yoobee School of Design, AMES – The Institute of IT and Design & Arts (Canterbury) joined forces to become Yoobee Colleges, an interdisciplinary college with seven campuses located across New Zealand.

The colleges all have rich histories, dating back 30 years in some cases, and they have been working collaboratively for several years to offer complementary pathway programmes.

The official joining of these forces under one umbrella strengthens these relationships, enabling greater pathway options for students and stronger educational outcomes, as some of the best creative educators in New Zealand come together for the joint purpose of training the country’s top creatives and IT professionals and getting them into rewarding careers.

Yoobee Colleges is New Zealand’s largest specialist creative and technology college. We’ve been fuelling the creative and technology industries for over 30 years with talented Animators, Filmmakers, Designers, Techies, and Game Developers.

Yoobee Colleges has been awarded with a Category 1 rating by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), the highest possible rating showing that the government has confidence in our ability to deliver high quality education

Study at Yoobee Colleges can take you just about anywhere. From launching rockets (School of Technology) through to bringing superheroes to life (School of Animation), the opportunities are endless. 

Why Study at Yoobee?

With over 30 years in the business, we have a rich history of providing outstanding vocational training to students interested in getting into the creative and IT industries. Our experienced design educators are fully connected with the industries and our programmes are developed as a result of extensive consultation with them. 

Learn it by doing it

At Yoobee Colleges, our training is practical. You are assessed by the quality of the work you create, and there are no written exams.

Industry-led training

You can be confident you’re learning the skills employers want. We reassess our programmes on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the latest technology and ideas.

Learn from the best

Yoobee Colleges is proud of its industry-experienced tutors who are not only experts in their fields but fantastic teachers. They’ll help you realise your full potential and put you on the road to achieving the same industry success they have.

Careers support

Our Careers team is dedicated to helping you find relevant and sustainable employment when you graduate, as well as meaningful work experience while you study.

Industry-standard hardware and software

All our students have full access to industry-standard equipment and facilities. Our green screen area is so well set up we have industry professionals booking in time to use it!

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