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Living Values Education – Distance Facilitator Training

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Course Overview

Level Two: Preparing to Facilitate LVE with Children or Adults
Facilitating LVE: Many educators, youth group workers and other adults interested in values obtain the Living Values Education Activities books or download the LVE Activities values units and use them with young people or other adults in a variety of settings. But often they are not aware of the importance of a values-based atmosphere, that is, how to create a culture of peace, respect and caring, and the importance of this in helping people of all ages explore and develop values.

Other educators, parents and adults attend an LVE Educator Workshop to become knowledgeable about LVE and the skills to create a values-based atmosphere. The sessions within an LVE Educator Workshop are designed to help participants facilitate LVE in an optimal manner. This can now be done online.

Implementing LVE in the Classroom – Educators may earn a certificate as an LVE Distance Facilitator by completing Levels One and Two
LVE Distance offers coursework to educators and other professional educators, psychologists, counsellors and social workers wishing to implement LVE in schools or any other educational setting with young people.
They will have the opportunity to meet online with an LVE Distance Mentor. After successful completion of LVE Distance Level Two, they will receive a certificate as an LVE Distance Facilitator, affirming their knowledge about LVE and skills to create a values-based atmosphere in their classroom.

As educators are already experienced in facilitating activities with young people, they will not need to complete the practicum within Level Three. They may proceed directly with enjoying doing the lessons found within the Living Values Education Activities books with their students.

LVE Distance offers coursework, guidelines and mentoring to non-educators who wish to facilitate LVE Study Groups at home, in a community or workplace environment, in prisons, and wherever groups of people come together with a common interest.

During Level Three, they will be asked to facilitate an LVE Study Group, using the LVE Distance 12 Week Self-Reflection and LVE Distance Values Activities for Individuals and Groups with a group of four to twelve people for 12 weeks. Previous experience facilitating groups is not required. They will receive guidelines for hosting their own effective and successful group and the opportunity to ask questions of an LVE Mentor.

A special interest? Once you have become an LVE Distance Facilitator, you may wish to individualize the LVE course content to the particular group with whom you are working.

If you would like to become an LVE Facilitator so that you may facilitate LVE Activities in an optimal manner, consider applying to become an LVE Distance Facilitator. Adults around the world have facilitated LVE Activities with young people, families, study groups, businesses and community groups who wish to explore values. We hope you will be inspired to join with us and the thousands of Living Values Education Facilitators in over 40 countries to begin conversations about values, and explore how by developing our values we can create a positive difference in our communities and the world.

Program Outline/Syllabus

Steps to Become an LVE Distance Facilitator –

Step 1. Complete Level One
Complete the two LVE Distance Online resources listed in the prior section that are available to all: Specifically:
❖ Living Values Education Distance 12 Week Self-Reflection ❖ Living Values Education Distance Values Activities for Individuals and Groups
❖ Living Values Education Distance Personal Journal

Step 2. Apply to become an LVE Distance Facilitator
Request and fill in the DFT Application form l and send that in with your written work from Level 1 to distance@livingvalues.net (the Living Values Education Distance 12 Week Self-Reflection and the Living Values Education Distance Personal Journal).

Step 3. On acceptance of application/review by your LVE mentor/support of your submitted Level One work, you may engage Level Two – LVE Training Guide and LVE Evaluation Questions and Agenda. On completion these are submitted to your LVE mentor/support for accreditation..

Step 4. On completion move to Level Three – Practical training as Study Group facilitator. Please note – teachers, educators, professional coaches, with certification may request exemption from Level Three.

Additional Information

An opportunity to connect on Zoom with an LVE Distance Mentor/Support
LVE Distance Facilitator applicants will have the opportunity to connect on Zoom with an LVE Distance Mentor to ask any questions. This may be a one-to-one session or it may be a group session. There will be the opportunity to connect once or twice a month on Zoom or Skype.

Course Introduction/Intro Video

a) A strong desire to play a part in helping make this a better world. To assist in the extension of Living Values Education to all aspects of society. To widen the global reach of LVE understanding and experiences.

b) To continue to improve my relationships; expand awareness of where I need to make personal changes in my beliefs and an improved attitude towards myself, and my life.
Start anytime on acceptance of application and reviewing of Level One Part One and Part Two participant materials. Completion within 30 days.
All LVE Distance ONLINE Courses combine to create a 3 level pathway program fulfilling personal interest to a certificated training as an LVE Facilitator with knowledge and understanding to be able to help and assist others individually and through group interaction developing their own values and improve the quality of life.
Materials provided: 350 page LVE Training Guide, (Part 1)
LVE Evaluation Questions and Sample Agenda of 3 day LVE workshop.
All Living Values Education Online Courses are offered at no cost

For almost 25 years, Living Values Education, LVE has touched individuals, schools, universities and other organisations in over 80 countries. Extending beyond formal education to, day-care centres, youth clubs, parent groups, community associations, businesses, centres for children in difficult circumstances, refugee camps and prisons. 

The LVE Approach is non-prescriptive and its underlying concept of the central role that values play in all human endeavour and activity, whether personal, social or communal. Values continue to find resonance and touch hearts and minds in a multitude of cultural contexts. In many countries, individuals have wished to share LVE with their families, friends, colleagues and others, sometimes in a personal capacity as volunteers and sometimes organisationally. Distance Facilitator Training extends the opportunity to respond to global interest in Values through this Online Course.

The Swiss based NGO ALIVE - Association for Living Values Education International is the co-ordinating body which accepts organisations as members (also known as Associates) and recognises individuals as Focal Points for LVE in countries where LVE is not currently represented. 

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