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Course Overview

LVE Values Activities is a self-development course offering a 12 week online engagement with two values activities per week chosen by you from the LVE Values Activity book and using the supplied Personal Journal for recording your experience. With up to ten activities in each Value you may do as many activities as you choose from a wide selection of activities for each value, finding the hidden meaning of stories, depicting values with artwork, explaining what values mean to you, etc., Each activity offered has been selected by professional educators from around the world practiced in the development of values awareness.

Program Outline/Syllabus

Steps to Become an LVE Distance Facilitator –

Improving the quality from which my life is lived is the purpose of Living Values. The values common to all humanity are defined as;
Peace, Love, Respect, Tolerance, Responsibility, Honesty, Humility, Happiness, Cooperation, Simplicity, Freedom, and Unity.

Time required: Take as long as you need or, simply engage the values over a 12 week period and play at unravelling the qualities and essence of one of the Values each week which are intrinsic to our behavior, dictate our actions and most importantly, influence our relationships with Self, others and the environment in which we live.

No one is judging. The personal development aspect becomes quickly apparent through the engagement of the activities as we see where we are strong in our values or, where we fall short, and gives us the opportunity to make adjustments.

Through engaging the recommended two activities each week you will have engaged a wide spectrum of 24 personal interactions, represent for us as individuals, in the role of parents, or teachers in classroom, way-showers of young people an immensely valuable process.

Values Activities, when done in tandem with LVE Self-Reflection allows us to better see the truth of our life when lived from the balance of all the Values. With a better understanding of myself, I can make right choices, effecting necessary change to re-balance my life.

Additional Information

No support required, this Course aspect is for a personal insight and self-development or with family members.
LVE Values Activity Study comprising a selection of activities on the twelve values drawn from the LVE Activities for Young Adults book is designed for use at home by adults, families and groups wishing to explore their values in a personal, family or community environment.

It is also the Pathway to LVE accredited online course…..
LVE Distance Facilitator Training (DFT)– Participants of the Level One Stage One and Two are invited to apply to become LVE Distance Facilitators through the mentor supported certificated course – Facilitator Training, Level Two and Level Three, developing their Values to a point where they can offer study groups and workshops in support of others. Application Form and LVE DFT Overview and Schedule is available on request from

Course Introduction/Intro Video

Curiosity, a desire to improve my relationships; expand awareness of where I need to make personal changes in my beliefs and attitude towards myself, and my life.
Start anytime when committing to the frequency of the 12 week, one value per week program or, take as long as you want. However, with regular engagement comes the benefit of new awareness and quality of life potential.
Packaged together with the LVE Self-Reflection, Level One, Stage One LVE Values Activities, Level One, Stage Two represents the entry point for the LVE Distance Facilitator Training Course – entry: by application.
Requirement – knowledge of the English language. Recording activities can be done by computer or handwriting into the books provided.

Time: 1-2 hours per week

Materials provided: 57 page LVE Values Activities book, 90 page LVE Personal Journal, Audio files, Values reminder cards.
All Living Values Education Online Courses are offered at no cost
All LVE Distance Courses combine to create a pathway program fulfilling personal interest to full certificated training as an LVE Facilitator with knowledge and understanding to be able to help and assist others individually and through group interaction developing their own values and improve their quality of life.

For over 25 years, Living Values Education, LVE has touched individuals, schools, universities and other organisations in over 80 countries, extending beyond formal education to day-care centres, youth clubs, parent groups, community associations, businesses, centres for children in difficult circumstances, refugee camps and prisons.

The LVE Approach is non-prescriptive and its underlying concept of the central role that values play in all human endeavour and activity, whether personal, social or communal, continues to find resonance and touch hearts and minds in a multitude of cultural contexts. In many countries, individuals have wished to share LVE with their families, friends, colleagues and others, sometimes in a personal capacity as volunteers and sometimes organisationally. In both cases they may apply to ALIVE, which accepts organisations as members (also known as Associates) and recognises individuals as Focal Points for LVE. 

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